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Wk8DQ3 - According to the textbook Psychology and Your Life...

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According to the textbook Psychology and Your Life in Module 34 the differences between Anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, and mood disorders are; When anxiety occurs without external justification and begins to affect people’s daily functioning, mental health professionals consider it a psychological problem known as anxiety disorder. Somatoform disorders are psychological difficulties that take on a physical somatic form, but for which there is no medical cause. Even though an individual with somatoform disorder reports physical symptoms, no biological cause exists, or if there is a medical problem, the person’s reaction is greatly exaggerated. Mood disorders are disturbances in emotional experiences that are strong enough to intrude on everyday living. Mood disorders are pathologically elevated or depressed disturbances of mood, and include full or partial episodes of depression or mania. Two examples of anxiety disorders are panic attacks, many people experience these. You become extremely
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