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According to the textbook Psychology and Your Life emotion focused coping , people try to manage their emotions in the face of stress, seeking to change the way they feel about or perceive a problem. Examples of emotion focused coping include strategies such as accepting sympathy from others and looking at the bright side of a situation. With Problem focused coping people attempt to modify the stressful problem or source of stress. Problem focused strategies lead to changes in behavior or to the development of a plan of action to deal with stress. Getting your resume ready when impending layoffs are announced is an example of problem focused coping. Some ways that people cope with stress are
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Unformatted text preview: meditation, exercise, getting plenty of sleep, eating properly social activities, and having a hobby. It is important to have a hobby, if you have a hobby, you have a way to shut off for a while, and distract yourself with a relaxing pastime. Our diet and exercise plays a big part of how our stress levels are. If we do not eat right, we do not feel well, and if we do not exercise we have no outlet for our stress. It takes time to break bad habits, but improving diet and getting more exercise will always have a positive impact and help reduce your stress level. Meditation and taking a walk are also great ways to relieve stress....
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