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Social security is to help out the elderly during their retirement years and establish aid for the disabled and survivors benefits for spouses and children of deceased workers. Social Security is a program not based upon the needs of the contributors but rather how much and how long the contributors pay into their social security. Social Security is funded through specific payroll taxes deducted from the employees’ paycheck. The Employer matches the amount paid by the employee. I have paid into Social Security for many years, yet when I became disabled I was
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Unformatted text preview: denied benefits, come to find out most people are denied the first few times of trying to get benefits. I am hoping when it is time to retire that I will be able to receive my benefits without any problems. If not we should have enough money saved in savings as well as an IRA to get us by. Personally I believe the government should stop getting multi pay raises a year and when they retire instead of getting hundred of thousands they should have to live off of social security like the rest of us that pay their wages....
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