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After reviewing my credit report at Experian, I looked at my Report Summary, and printed out my credit report. Experian has many tabs that you can view. It allowed me to view my potentially negative items, which I found things on there which were not mine so I went to the dispute discrepancies link. Other tabs are, accounts in good standing, check your personal information, personal statement, also any messages you may have from Experian. The Accounts in Good Standing tab shows your accounts that have been paid on time. You can click on each credit company to view the details of the account.
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Unformatted text preview: The Personal Information tab lists your previous names, addresses, and your date of birth. I found looking at my credit report to be very helpful. I do like how a credit report keeps all of your previous information. All of my good credit from years before is still on my report, and unfortunately the not so great. I also found that there was another social security number used with my name; I now have Experian investigating that, in case of identity theft....
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