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Having insurance is essential for all in my opinion. Whether it is home, auto, health, disability, and life insurance. The amount of money spent each month on insurance is nothing compared to if you do not have insurance and there is an accident of some sort or a possible death. Having insurance will and does help with expenses and covers someone who is injured at your home or in a vehicle. It is vital to have the appropriate insurance coverage on your home. You should carry enough coverage to make sure you can replace your home and its contents without too much financial hardship if disaster were to strike. If someone were to twist an ankle or fall on your property or your dog bit a neighbor or if your home is broke into, having
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Unformatted text preview: insurance will cover medical bills pain and suffering and replace the items in your home. Nothing is for certain. Some one, even if he or she is a great driver, might face a major accident. Then there is also an additional possibility that a thief may steal your vehicle. Some plans provide liability coverage, collision protection, and personal injury coverage. It is against the law if you are operating an uninsured car. Obtaining at least the minimum liability protection would save you from losing your vehicle to an accident or being impounded by the police for not carrying insurance....
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