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I believe it is very important to keep your insurance both on your vehicle and your home after you have finished paying them off. If after you paid off your vehicle and then quit paying insurance; you get into a car accident and total your vehicle, you are out all the time and money you put into the vehicle and you have lost your vehicle, you maybe liable for any injuries that have occurred and possibly be sued and lose a lot more than just your vehicle. However, if you were to keep your insurance and you totaled your vehicle the insurance would pay for any injuries that may have occurred as well as pay
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Unformatted text preview: for the loss of your vehicle. As well with homeowners insurance you keep paying your insurance in case of a fire, burglary or accident, you never know what might happen and having insurance will help cover most or all costs of whatever unfortunate event may arise. As for what type of insurance a person should have, I believe if you own your home then homeowners insurance otherwise renters insurance. You need to have car, health, life and disability insurance. It is important to have yourself and your family covered in all aspects of life....
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