Week 4 Checkpoint - companies the policy is created for the...

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Differentiating Between Public and Private Organizations HSM/210 Jamie Jordan April 27, 2011 Constance Reiss Harvey
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The social policy that might affect my position as a human service worker would be restriction on work related policy. If the government brings in restrictions in terms of working conditions and that of compensation for the social worker then it might affect my future and will not lead to good working conditions. Secondly the policy that governs with the treatment of human service worker which gives freedom and dignity to the job has to be considered as an important feature here. In the case of public organization the policy is meant for the benefit of the public or the people who are a part of this system. There is nothing like particular interest vested but it is for the benefit of the people and so the delivery has to be appropriate and we cannot compromise on the quality and neither can we make things at our own convenience. In the case of private
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Unformatted text preview: companies the policy is created for the company’s benefit and they decide when to bring it to action and it might be true that if that does not work in favor of the company then we have all rights to discard the policy. The ownership is higher in public companies. In the case of above mentioned policy in the question we would try to organize a rally, meeting and common awareness program through which we would be able to meet the clients need and main aim is to see that we get the people’s approval in going with this project so that we can be able to get funding from the government side. We can arrange for talk shows and public voicing through which the program can be enlightened. Resources: Human Services in Contemporary America Cengage Learning Retrieved: April 2011 Human Services in the United States Chapter 1 Pages 12-15...
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Week 4 Checkpoint - companies the policy is created for the...

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