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week 5 DQ 2 - food to local food banks volunteer at soup...

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After reading Chapter nine, I believe that all the issues are important. However, the two I feel are of great importance are ‘hunger’ and ‘poverty’. Poverty has become more of an issue since the economy downfall. The unemployment rate has sky rocketed more than in recent years. Not only is there the loss of income, food, fuel, shelter, utilities, etc have gone up, making it that much more difficult to survive in this day and age. Wages are not enough as well to meet the basic needs of people. For some people the only way to survive is the help from the welfare system, they can help with shelter, utilities health care and food. According to the US Census Bureau, The official poverty rate in 2009 was 14.3 percent, up from 13.2 percent in 2008. Hunger in our country is also an issue that needs to be a priority for our fellow Americans. There are many ways to help the hungry, through local communities and individual people can help by donating
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Unformatted text preview: food to local food banks, volunteer at soup kitchens. There are also government programs such as food stamps, school breakfast and lunch programs, and the WIC program. Food stamps are the nation’s first defense against hunger, and the added support has been a huge help to families in fending off hunger and in purchasing healthier food throughout the month. There are several ways to address these problems; such as being an advocate for the hungry and people living in poverty and urge elected officials to pass just social policies. Lend support to organizations that work with people in poverty to bring about positive changes at every level. As a Human Service worker poverty and hunger will play a significant role in the future. Hunger and poverty will remain an issue for many throughout the world, even if or when the economy rises. These issues have an impact on our society as well as the hungry and people living in poverty....
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