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A. bandwagon —the idea that “everybody” does this or believes this B. categorical statements —stating something in a way that implies there can be no argument or disagreement on the issue C. personal attack —criticizing an opponent personally instead of rationally debating his or her ideas D. testimonial —quoting or paraphrasing an authority or celebrity to support one’s own viewpoint 1. The Supreme Court has a greater obligation to protect the rights of victims than those of criminals. (B) 2. It is clear to every intelligent person that the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, protection against cruel and unusual punishment, does not bar the use of victim impact statements. 3. Victim reforms will destroy the constitutional rights of the accused. (B) 4. The conservative, prejudiced Supreme Court judges are too stupid to recognize the rights of the accused. (C) 5. Every decent lawyer believes the harm a victim suffered because of a defendant should be considered when determining punishment.
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