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week 6 - Question 2 Choose a prevention strategy and...

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Question 2 Choose a prevention strategy and explain how it is applicable to the issue or problem you chose for your Week Two assignment. WIC program. Suggest a solution for improving the problem or resolving the issue. How would you address potential obstacles to the implementation of your solution? Answer The issue which I have chosen is people who are of the low income and are unemployed. The Prevention strategy which I have decided for using the primary prevention is active strategy. This strategy has been implemented so as to solve the problem from its roots. For that we have to find the ways for working directly with this set of population and develop their skills so that they overcome their obstacle. People who are poor and unemployed not only require someone to provide them with money and to provide them with the resources such as the Women, Infant, and Children’s program. They should be skilful to find a job, keeping a job and also managing their money. Life skills model is absolute solution for this issue. This
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  • Spring '11
  • kent
  • Prevention Strategy, money management programs, local job service, Life skills model, job qualification skills

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