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Wk1DQ2 - every eight Americans is an immigrant which is...

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With respect to the changing nature of the United States, demographic trends that I do expect to have the greatest impact on human services delivery in the United States in the next 10 years includes the trends of change in immigration. Research and forecasts based on current trends suggest that the population of U.S will rise to 438 million in 2050 from its current population of 296 million. Out of this 82% of the increase can be attributed to immigrants. Of the 117 million people added to the population during this period due to the effect of new immigration, 67 million will be the immigrants themselves and 50 million will be their U.S. born children or grandchildren. This brings us to an interpretation that about one in every five Americans will be an immigrant, which is about 19 percent. The present available statistics of 2005 indicates that about one in
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Unformatted text preview: every eight Americans is an immigrant, which is close to 12 percent. It is expected to consist mainly of the Latino, Hispanic and Asian population. The Latino population, already the nation’s largest minority group, will triple in size and will account for most of the nation’s population growth from 2005 through 2050. Hispanics will make up 29% of the U.S. population in 2050, compared with 14% in 2005. I expect the demographic trend to have the greatest impact on my state in the next ten years would be the generation that is coming upon their retirement age, this is a very large generation of people and I believe this will have a huge impact on our Social Security system. In fact it may actually put an end to Social Security due to lack of funding....
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