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I believe that the Human services model most influences the WIC program. The Human service model, devoted to bettering the lives of oppressed minority groups. The basic assumption of this model is that maladaptive behaviors are often the result of a failure to satisfy basic human needs. The first step in intervention is not diagnosis but an assessment of the victim’s life situation with a view to discovering what needs are not being met; one being diet or nutrition. The theoretical model that would be less influential, I believe is the medical model. The medical model emphasizes biological factors, such as bacterial, viral, or genetic agents, in causing diseases. This is more about medical treatments for
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Unformatted text preview: dysfunctional behaviors and does not influence the WIC program in any way that I can see. The services provided by WIC that are important would be education on nutrition. There are many young single mothers that do not have any idea on how to care for a child and they can use all the help they can get. I believe that the WIC program is a great program for educating young mothers on how to properly care for their infant nutritionally. There are many classes that are provided to Women in the WIC program such as, how to breastfeed, Smart snacks for Children, Active play and your child, Kitchen food safety, and many others....
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