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In Scenario 1; this mother and her two young children need immediate shelter and food. There are two immediate theoretical approaches that need to be taken, one being The Human Services model , this is used for the here and now solutions, and she needs immediate shelter for herself and two young children. Second is the Medical model . She is a depressed mother and is in need of medical attention; she most likely needs to be put on some type of anti- depressant as well as some psychological help to treat her depression. I would give her some resources to look into getting the mental help she needs as well as resources for getting employment and housing that is based on your income so she can get on her feet and have some self confidence. In Scenario 2; The 85 year old male needs medical attention and should most likely be put in a home where he can have 24 hour care. I would use the Medical model in this situation. I would also try to get a hold of his family that is 1200 miles away and explain to them that he needs 24 hour care and if they would be
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