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Wk5 DQ1 du day2 - A community program in the town I live...

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A community program in the town I live that needs more public help would be “Saving Grace” formerly known as “COBRA”. Saving Grace is a confidential program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They provide a safe place to go including food, individual counseling, group therapy, legal advocacy, and support for families and victims. The whereabouts of the shelter is only known to the victim and the director, advocates, and counselors, in order to keep everyone safe. Domestic Violence has risen drastically in the United States, with a struggling economy and an increase in stress. As the economy becomes worse it seems there are more cases of Domestic Violence. Programs to help victims in these cases are becoming far and few between due to lack of funding. I believe it is important to get the public and the government more involved with supporting such programs. Cobra has closed its doors due to lack of funding, which is when it became Saving Grace. There was a government grant of $300,000 which
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