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2. financial security 6. freedom of speech 5. equality of opportunity 1. self-reliance 11. loyalty to country 4. tolerance of others 8. freedom of religion 3. individual initiative 12. right to private property 14. government by law and not people 9. concern for the underdog 10. fair play 7. justice 13. order in society My rankings are based on my own feelings and partially the way I was raised. Self reliance is at the top of the list because I feel that it is important for people in America to know how to take care of themselves before they can really take care of other individuals. Self reliance and financial security in my opinion go hand and hand. I am sure that my values and the American people are fairly close to being
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Unformatted text preview: the same as far as financial security and self reliance. However, some American people may feel that loyalty to country and justice may be more important; we all have different views on things and life and the way the government should be run and by whom, but I think that as a whole most values are similar. We as a society decides which values are American values, however, I believe that the government tries to dictate what American values should be. As a Human Service worker, it is important to take all these values into account in order to be effective in doing their job properly and to help people with maybe sometimes putting their own values to the side....
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