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As a case manager it is imperative that I find every possible avenue for these dialysis patients to receive the medical care that they need in order to live. I do not feel that it is right for the dialysis center to refuse treatment to patients because they can not afford to pay the 90% of the cost at that time of treatment. These are “do or die” situations and if a patient is unable to receive the necessary treatment that they need there kidneys as well as other organs can shut down and they die. My feelings on the dialysis centers decision is against everything I feel about giving help to people in need, therefore, I would continue
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Unformatted text preview: to do all I can for the patients until I could find a job that does not make me do something I feel badly about. I would continue to advocate for my patients as long as I am still employed there. I would try and hold fundraisers in our community for patients that are unable to pay the 90%. I believe that is reasonable to say that in this particular situation, it is appropriate for a human service organization to make an economic decision that may contradict its code of ethics....
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