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The career path that interests me the most, is working with women and children to help solve problems and overcome obstacles in their life. This could be in an agency type of environment or going to their homes or shelters to give them the help and guidance that they may need. Human service work provides help to all people, however, working with women and children appeal to me the most. Being abused myself; I believe that through my experience I would be able to counsel and help guide these women in the right direction to getting their lives back on track. Obstacles or challenges that may arise in my chosen career path could be lack of funding for shelters or aiding women. Some women may want the help
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Unformatted text preview: and or guidance however, many women are to afraid to leave their current situation therefore that begin the process and then do not finish and go back to the situation they are trying to get out of. Opportunities that will occur are being able to assist families to making better life choices and aiding them to be successful in their future lives. The satisfaction I will receive in helping people come out of their situations is reward enough to have a long time career in social work. There are many careers in Human Services, and I would like to have a career helping women and children, now knowing the five major theoretical approaches will be most useful in my career choice....
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