L01 Introduction(1)

L01 Introduction(1) - GEOL 107 L1 8/22/2011 1 GEOL 107 L...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOL 107 L1 8/22/2011 1 GEOL 107 L Oceanography Prof. Sarah Feakins feakins@usc.edu Department of EARTH SCIENCES Office Hours: 223F ZHS after class 11 12am MWF Or by appointment What can you gain from a GE Science Class? well rounded education critical thinking skills scientific knowledge & literacy ie can you find, digest & evaluate scientific data skills to engage in societally relevant scientific issues skills for lifelong learning Category III GEs: Scientific Enquiry You will learn about the process and methods of scientific inquiry, examining the fundamental principles underlying a body of scientific knowledge and how those principles were developed. You will learn to evaluate the soundness of scientific arguments and appreciate how current ideas might change in response to new data. You will engage in scientific inquiry through a practical laboratory component. As a result, all students should acquire substantive knowledge in science and technology; understand the processes by which scientists investigate and answer scientific questions; and be able to articulate the basic principles used to explain natural phenomena. What is science? A collection of facts that describe the world around us. Or Discovering facts AND underlying principles that explain the world around us. What is Science? the scientific method? We create hypotheses, and test them We reject false hypotheses, and propose and test new ones Science is an error correcting process....
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L01 Introduction(1) - GEOL 107 L1 8/22/2011 1 GEOL 107 L...

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