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FINANCE 3134: FINANCE CONCEPTS AND SKILLS TERM: SPRING 2011 INSTRUCTOR: D. KLOCK OFFICE: PHONE: E-MAIL: 3061 Pamplin Hall 231-4419 (o) [email protected] CLASS HOURS: CLASSROOM OFFICE HOURS: M/W: 11:15 – 12:30 (CRN: 17857) M/W: 4:00 – 5:15 (CRN: 18213) DER 1084 PAM 32 Mon 1:00 – 2:30, Tues 2:00 – 4:00, or by appointment COURSE PREREQUISITES/CO-REQUISITES/REQUIREMENTS: Prerequisites – ACIS 2115 or ACIS 2004. Co-requisites – ACIS 2504. Junior standing is required to enroll in this course. If you are unsure of your enrollment status or eligibility, consult your academic advisor regarding admission. Any student that wishes to take FIN 3144 and/or FIN 3154 must earn a C or better in this course. All finance students are required to take Fin 3134 and earn a C or higher for graduation; however, if a C- is earned then Fin 3144 and Fin 3154 may be taken concurrently with a repeat of Fin 3134. REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: 1) FIN 3134 Course pack, McGraw-Hill OPTIONAL TEXTBOOK: Adair, Troy, Excel Applications for Corporate Finance , Irwin McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0072980729. (Recommended for students who are unfamiliar with Excel) SUPPORT MATERIALS: Scholar: Homework, class notes, and other support materials will be posted here. Calculator: Texas Instruments BA II Plus . Software: Access to MS Excel. Reading of The Wall Street Journal or other business periodical (e.g. Business Week , Fortune , other) is highly recommended. One pack of 3x5 notes cards for quizzes and attendance grading. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course will cover the key concepts and computational skills in finance. The general purpose of the course is to provide an overview of the financial decision-making process focusing on the creation of wealth and to develop an understanding of the concepts, techniques, and methods needed to make insightful financial decisions in a competitive business environment. Topics covered include the time value of money, financial market principles, stock and bond valuation, and financial decision-making. This course is intended to introduce important concepts related to the financial aspects of business management by: 1) refreshing students understanding of basic principles of economics; 2) expanding the uses of accounting as pertaining to corporate taxation and asset valuation; 3) analyzing financial statements for information pertaining to business continuation, development, and growth; 4) exploring the financial markets as pertaining to the US Fed, the money supply process, and the determination of interest rates; 5) introducing students to principles of investing as pertaining to the time value of money, the risk/return trade-off, and diversification; 6) implementing corporate asset and project valuation methods including CAPM, NPV, discounted cash-flow analysis; 7) developing critical thinking abilities relevant to today’s business environment.
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2 FINANCE 3134 CLASS HONOR CODE STATEMENT: The University Honor Code will be strictly followed. All submitted work (i.e., quizzes, exams,
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Syllabus%20FIN%203134_Klock_FA%2010 - FINANCE 3134 FINANCE...

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