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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 1 Aggregate Production Planning Develops a production strategy for meeting demand 6 months to 12 months in advance Strategies for Adjusting Capacity Level production use inventory to absorb fluctuations in demand Chase demand change workforce levels so that production matches demand Overtime increase working hours Subcontract shift production to other firms Backordering provide product or service at a later time Reading Pages 612 – top 614, 616 – 617 623 – middle 626 (no LDR or SDR) Demand Fall Winter Spring Summer demand time demand time
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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 2 Strategy Selection Tools Trial and Error Transportation Method Linear Programming APP by Trial and Error Given the following information: Level Production Example Hiring cost = $200 / worker Firing cost = $500 / worker Regular Production Cost = $2 / unit Inventory carrying cost = $0.50 / unit / qtr Production per employee = 1,000 units / qtr Beginning work force = 50 workers Beginning inventory = 0 units
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F_Aggregate_Production_Planning - Aggregate Production...

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