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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 1 Material Requirements Planning Objective: determine the planned order releases for items in the production environment schedules items to be ready when they are needed – no earlier and no later MRP Inputs Master Production Schedule Item Master File Product Structure File Master Production Schedule schedule of finished products Item Master File database of information on every item Reading Pages Bottom 679 – 684 Bottom 688 – middle 692 MPS Per iod I t e m 12345678 Clipboard 86 93 119 100 100 100 100 100 Lapboard 0 50 0 0 0 Lapdesk 75 120 47 20 17 10 0 0 Pencil Case 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125
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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 2 Product Structure File includes a Bill of Material for every item produced Product Structure Tree The MRP Matrix Item -- name or number identifying scheduled item LLC (low-level-code) -- lowest level item appears in a product structure Lot size – Mult: order multiples of this qty Min: order minimum of this qty LT (lead time) -- time from order placement to receipt Gross Requirements -- demand for the item
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I_Material_Requirements_Planning - Material Requirements...

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