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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 1 Capacity Requirements Planning Do we have the needed capacity to process jobs? Example Order for Workstation 1: process 100 units of component X Setup Time = 20 min Run Time/unit = 3 min Load = Load Profile Compares orders with capacity Capacity Terms Capacity = (#machines or workers)(scheduled time)(utilization)(efficiency) Reading Pages bottom 695 – 699 Workstation 1 Day 1 2 3 4 5 Orders
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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 2 Utilization % of available working time spent working Efficiency how well the worker or machine performs compared to a standard Load the amount of work (units of time) assigned to a workstation Load percent the ratio of load to capacity = (100%) Calculating Utilization & Capacity Given a workstation with one operator normally scheduled for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (40 hour week) operator can simultaneously process work on 2 machines at the workstation operator requires 1/2 hr break for every 8 hours of work each of the two machines at the workstation require 1/4 hr maintenance for
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K_Capacity_Requirements_Planning-1 - Capacity Requirements...

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