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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 1 Work Measurement Used to estimate standard time required to perform a task or proportion of time spent on a task Where: Standard Time is the time required by an average worker to perform a job once Methods of performing work measurement: Stopwatch time study Predetermined motion times Work sampling Stopwatch Time Study -- Basic Steps 1. Establish the standard job method 2. Break down the job into elements 3. Study the job 4. Rate the worker’s performance (RF) average worker RF = 1.0 slower worker RF < 1.0 faster worker RF > 1.0 5. Compute the average elemental time ( t ) 6. Compute the normal time Normal Time = (average elemental time) (rating factor) Nt = ( t )(RF) Normal Cycle Time = NT = Σ Nt 7. Compute the standard time Standard Time = (normal cycle time) (1 + allowance factor) ST = (NT) (1 + AF) Reading Pages 348 – 353 Bottom 354 – 357
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BIT 3414 Copyright 2011 p. 2 Stopwatch Time Study Example A grocery chain sells prewrapped flowers in its stores. The flowers are selected and wrapped in a central facility and then distributed to the stores in the area. A time study of the operation
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