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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Excel 2007 Chapter Skills Save a new Excel file with the appropriate file extension o The most secure file format o File formats that support macros Access Excel Help features Enter and format worksheet data Insert and delete rows and columns of data Set up a worksheet for printing, including headers and footers Chapter Vocabulary (Excel) workbook (Excel) worksheet Spreadsheet Excel file extensions and associated file formats (.xlsx, .xlxm, .xls) Macro Cell value v. cell format Conditional formatting Quick Access Toolbar Error: ######### Worksheet headers Worksheet footers Chapter 1 Demo 1.Open a new Excel workbook Office button New Blank workbook Create 2.Save the workbook a. Office button Save As b. Explore the available file formats for saving an Excel workbook (summarized in Table 1-1). b.1. Excel workbook (the default file format, no support for macros, more secure) b.2. Excel 97-2003 Workbook (compatible with previous versions) b.3. Macro-enabled Workbook c. Other Formats (we will practice with some of these later in the semester) c.1. Delimited text files: for importing/exporting (non-Excel) data. (Topic of ch. 5) c.2. PDF capability by integrating with Adobe Acrobat (also .xps which is Microsoft’s version of portable document files) c.3. Web page formats (html) c.4. XML formats (We will talk more about XML later in the semester.) c.5. And others
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3.Open the practice file Ch1_Practice.xlsx
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Ch1ClassNotes_sp11 - Chapter 1: Getting Started with Excel...

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