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Chapter 3: Excel Functions, Part 3 (of 4): Financial Functions Chapter Skills for Part 3 Practice using financial functions to return data variables as used in various calculations of time value of money. Understand each argument of financial functions used in time value of money calculations. (rate, nper, per, pv, fv) Build an amortization table using financial functions: o PMT, IPMT, PPMT Become aware of other financial functions that support time value of money calculation: o PV, FV, NPV, NPER, RATE Use data validation to prevent user entry errors. Use named ranges to simplify formulas. Chapter Vocabulary for Chapter 3, Part 3 time value of money amortization amortization table Financial category of functions data validation Chapter Demonstration 13: 1. Download and save to your machine the Excel file, LoanCalculator_ch3-3.xlsx that is posted on Scholar. 2. Save the file with a new name (of your choice). Save it with .xlsx extension. 3. Select the LoanData worksheet . Sample data is already provided in cells in range B2:B6. (You may change the sample data as you wish.) 4. Into cell B4 , enter a formula that calculates the loan amount (the amount the purchaser needs to borrow to make the purchase). 5.
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Ch3-3ClassNotes_sp11 - Chapter 3 Excel Functions Part 3(of...

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