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Excel Functions, Part 1 (of 4) This chapter will be presented in three parts: 1) 2) Mathematical and Logical Functions (with emphasis on the IF Function) 3) Financial Functions 4) LOOKUP Functions Part 1: Chapter Skills for Part 1: Enter functions into Excel worksheet cells. o Enter some function arguments as cell references. o Enter some function arguments as actual values. Explore multiple ways to enter Excel functions into worksheet formulas. o Click on the fx to the left of the formula bar. o Use the keyboard shortcut Shift+F3. o Select Formulas (tab) Function Library(task group) Insert Function. o Click the drop-down arrow on the AutoSum icon (same task group as above). o Type the name of the function into the formula. Explore the Insert Function dialog box o Search for a function by name. o Select a category of functions. o Select a function to enter into a formula. Use the Function Argument dialog box to enter function arguments or get more information about a function’s arguments. Use the Evaluate Formula formula auditing feature to find the source of syntax errors that involve functions. o #VALUE! input value of the wrong data type o #NAME? incorrect spelling of a function name incorrect spelling of named range (recall from chapter 1) o #N/A a missing argument for a function o #NUM! text type argument when numeric argument is required Become familiar with date and time functions as a group and understand some of the common arguments for functions in this group. o a formatted date value (a format that Excel recognizes) o a text date (a format that Excel does not recognize) o a serial date o date elements, such as day of the month, weekday, month, year. 1
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Ch3ClassNotes_Part1 - Chapter 3 Excel Functions Part 1(of 4...

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