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Supplement: Information Systems Basic Concepts Q1 What is the IPO Model? IPO is an acronym for Input, Processing and Output. The IPO Model simply states that all computers perform only a few basic functions: Input Processing Output Storage Input is the function that gathers data from the environment and gets it into the computer. The environment may include human beings as well as other computers. Output is essentially the opposite of input. Output is the function of disseminating information from the computer to its environment; again either a human being or another computer. The processing function refers to any manipulations necessary to turn data into information. Processing might be a calculation such as addition or subtraction. Processing might be sorting or ordering the data. Often, processing is many, many such steps. Storage is what we do with our data/information when it’s in the computer and not being input, processed or output. Let’s consider your iPod as an example. The iPod is the computer we will analyze and you are part of the environment. Let’s assume you have just downloaded several songs from to your desktop. Your desktop is also part of the iPod’s environment. IS Basic Concepts - Page 1 of 7
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to your iPod. When you instruct your iPod to shuffle the songs before playback, shuffling is a processing operation. When your iPod plays the songs for you to hear, it is performing the output operation. Finally, the library of songs sitting on your iPod waiting to be played is the storage function. Q2 What Categories Can Business Information Systems be Divided Into? Business Information Systems can be divided into three categories: Operational, Collaborative and Managerial. These classifications differ in: which employees tends to use the systems in each category, and the primary purpose of the systems: input, processing or output. Q3 What are Operational Business Information Systems? Operational business information systems tend to be used by lower level, non- managerial employees. The focus of operational BIS is on input or data collection. Operational information systems do process and output the data but the processing and output are very, very simple. For example, processing may simply be ordering the data collected. Output is usually just a list of all the data collected. Minimal calculations are performed or output. Often the output or dump of collected data by an operational information system is used as input into an information system with more sophisticated processing capability such as an MIS. Operational BIS include Transaction Processing Systems and Process Control Systems. IS Basic Concepts - Page
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Supplement 1 - Supplement: Information Systems Basic...

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