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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: Social groups and formal organizations Social groups “two or more people who are bound together in relatively stable patterns of social interaction and who share a feeling of unity.” Social Groups Formal vs. informal “Street Corner Society”, Whyte Primary vs. secondary TXT In-group vs. out-group TXT “Robber’s Cave Experiment”, Sherif TXT Sherif The Robber’s Cave Experiment TXT Group building 1. 2. Competition a. Intergroup hostility How to Build Intergroup Cooperation? 5. Contact? 6. Common goals Social groups TXT Reference group Normative Comparative The size of groups TXT Dyads Triads Larger groups 5-person groups Why Do People Form Groups? TXT 1. Instrumental ties/bonds 2. Expressive ties/bonds Leadership in Groups TXT Instrumental leaders Expressive leaders Social Dilemmas Free-rider problem Social fence Social trap Tragedy of the Commons Groupthink Syndrome...
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