Illusion of invulnerability 5 2 rationalization 3

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Unformatted text preview: TXT 1. Illusion of invulnerability 5. 2. Rationalization 3. Inherent morality 6. 4. Shared stereotypes 7. 8. Conformity pressures Self-censorship Illusion of unanimity “Mindguards” Muzafer Sherif “autokinetic effect” Social reality vs. Physical reality Solomon Asch TXT Conformity TXT Conformity: Solomon Asch TXT Compare the lengths of lines Only 1 real subject per group About 1/3 of the subjects conformed to the group Obedience Stanley Milgram Learning experiment 65% went “all the way” Reason for Conformity to Authority 1. Children are trained to be obedient 2. People tend to look for the person in charge 3. People tend to feel a loss of responsibility 4. A person may gradually become committed to a line of action. E d u ormal organizations F c a Virginia Tech t Ford Motor Company i Republican Party o n Catholic Church H e a l t Bureaucracy What are the defining characteristics of bureaucracy?...
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