Max weber ideal type characteristics of bureaucracy 1

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Unformatted text preview: Max Weber, “ideal type” Characteristics of Bureaucracy 1. Specialization 2. Hierarchy of Offices 3. Rules & regulations 5. No ownership of office 6. Career 7. Formal, written 4. Technical competence communications 8. Impersonality Virtues of Bureaucracy Efficiency Predictability Fairness How do the six major characteristics of bureaucracy contribute to efficiency, predictability, and fairness? Specialization Efficiency Hierarchy Predictability Rules Predictability, fairness Technical competence Efficiency Impersonality Fairness Formal, written communication Predictability Bureaucracy at McDonald’s Specialization Hierarchy Rules Technical competence Bureaucracy at McDonald’s (con’t) No ownership of office Career ? Formal, written communication Impersonality Complaints About Bureaucracy 1. Impersonal...
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