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Review Sheet -- First Exam -- Chapters 1 through 3 For the exam, you are responsible for all lecture material and readings. This review sheet gives you some tips about what might be on the exam. The things mentioned on this sheet are more likely to be on the exam than other material, but this list is not an exhaustive list of what will be on the exam. The Sociological Imagination Theoretical perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism) The scientific attitude (skepticism, empirical, objectivity, relativism, testable) Methods of research in sociology (experiments, historical research, field work, sample surveys) Strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches in research Representativeness, reliability, validity Components of culture Folkways, mores, taboos Linkages among components of culture Subcultures; ethnocentrism; cultural relativism
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Unformatted text preview: Social status; ascribed and achieved status; social roles Role conflict; role strain Social institutions Types of societies: Hunting and gathering, horticultural, agrarian, industrial, post-industrial Margaret Mead (Arapesh, Mundagumor, Tchambuli) Theories of human development (social learning, developmental, symbolic interactionism) Conditioning, observational learning Piaget; moral realism; morality of cooperation; peers Charles Horton Cooley, looking-glass self George Herbert Mead; imitation, play stage, game stage, generalized other W.I. Thomas Theorem (“If people believe things to be real, …) Robert Rosenthal’s “Pygmalion in the Classroom” Dramaturgical approach Agents of socialization Anticipatory socialization Internalization Socialization through the life cycle Total institutions...
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