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18 Solution: The structures with the lowest formal charges are D and E . Structure D is most likely the best because no atoms violate the octet rule. In Structure E the C atom violates the octet. The C is allowed to have more than 8 electrons. However, octet violations usually don’t occur when there is another possible structure like D where the octet rule is obeyed. Note the unusual feature in structure D where the central atom is the atom with the highest electronegativity
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Unformatted text preview: . Atoms in molecules are the most stable when they have the lowest possible formal charges. For oxygen, a 0 formal charge is achieved when it makes 2 bonds. The figure below shows the number of bonds each atom makes to achieve an octet and maintain a formal charge of 0. This trend continues down the columns of the periodic table. So sulfur also prefers to make 2 bonds to achieve an octet and a formal charge of 0....
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