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16 Solution: The atom with the highest electronegativity will pull the electrons towards itself resulting in a partial negative charge. O has the highest electronegativity and the largest partial negative charge. Don’t make the mistake in thinking the S atom will have the largest partial positive charge. The partial charges depend on the two atoms in the bond. The Se atom will have a partial positive charge because it is attached to the highest electronegativity
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Unformatted text preview: atom O. The Se–O bond is polar because the difference in electronegativity between the O and Se atoms is (see table of E.N.) 3.5-2.4 1.1 When this difference is greater than 0.4 we call the bond polar covalent. A difference of 2.0 is ionic. The central Se atom has 3 domains and the molecular geometry is bent. All 3 domains are different so the molecule is polar....
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