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33 Solution: There are two ways to identify an unknown element: Number of protons (atomic number) OR atomic mass. It doesn’t look feasible to find the atomic number so let’s try to find the atomic mass. The solution shown here uses the gas density equation to find the atomic mass. Another way this problem could be solved is to use the
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Unformatted text preview: ideal gas equation to find moles and then realize that Atomic mass grams / moles. a. First find the gas density. d mass volume 673. 31 grams 37. 9 liters 17. 766 g/L b. Now the gas density equation is used. d p RT M M dRT / p 17. 766 g/L .08206 atm L/ mol K 300.0 K /5. 219 atm 83. 8 g/mol...
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