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midterm outlinez - I. Misunderstanding of the Relationship...

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Unformatted text preview: I. Misunderstanding of the Relationship between Utility and Pleasure 1.i. What is that problem? 1.ii. How does Mill think the relationship should be understood? A. Mill observes that many people misunderstand utilitarianism by interpreting utility as in opposition to pleasure. In reality, utility is defined as pleasure itself, and the absence of pain. 1. Mill presents utility, or the existence of pleasure and the absence of pain, as both the basis of everything that people desire, and as the foundation of morality. 1.a. Pg 3 “I believe that the chief obstacle to acceptance of the utilitarian principle has been people’s very imperfect grasp of its meaning, and that if the misunderstandings of it-or even just the very gross ones-could be cleared up, the question would be greatly simplified and a large proportion of its difficulties removed.” 1.b. Pg 4 “So before I embark on the philosophical grounds that can be given for assenting to the utilitarian standard, I shall offer some illustrations of the doctrine itself; aiming to show more clearly what it is, distinguish it from what it is not, and dispose of such of the practical objections to it as come from or are closely connected with mistaken interpretations of...
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midterm outlinez - I. Misunderstanding of the Relationship...

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