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Battle of New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans - The Battle of New Orleans The...

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The Battle of New Orleans The battle of New Orleans took place from December 23 rd , 1814 to January 8 th , 1815. It was the final major battle of the war of 1812. The Americans forces, led by Andrew Jackson defeated the British attempting to take back New Orleans. On December 23 rd , 1814 John Keane led 1,800 British soldiers up the East bank of the Mississippi River within 9 miles of New Orleans. There he waited for reinforcements. The delay for reinforcements allowed Andrew Jackson to lead a brief 3 pronged attack from the North then retreat back to the levees of the Rodriguez Canal. The attacked stunned the British forces and gave the Americans enough time to transform the levee into defensive earthworks. On the morning of January 8 th , Major- General Pakenham ordered an 2 pronged assault on the American lines. He ordered a small detachment of soldiers up the west bank of the Mississippi and the main assault force in a three column formation directly at the earthworks. However, the detachment advancing up the west bank
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