LA Final Review

LA Final Review - Final on Thursday May 10 at 7:30 in the...

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Final on Thursday May 10, at 7:30 in the morning, in the same room Dates ? Hopefully none Used mostly to help set timeframe 1820, talk about date in relation to paintings on gallery walls, and Husdon river school of painting Initially, 1 in 10 paintings were landscapes, by then end of the HRSP time, it was almost the reverse People Yeah, lots Chief Seattle – how can you buy the sky? ο Land belonged to all people, no one person/entity can have really Who founded the HRSP – Hudson river school of painters ο Thomas Cole ο The only other person who might claim that title, painted Kindred Spirits, Asher B. Duran ο 2 people in that painting, one is Thomas Cole and the other is William Cullen Bryant Painter in the HRSP painted HUGE paintings, and one entitled rocky mountains was sold at an auction for the American Sanitation Commission ο Painted by Albert Bierstadt ο FLO was the secretary of the sanitation commission 1 st native born American artist/naturalist from the new world – ο William Bartram – TRAVELS, the first international best seller form the new world The Bartram’s found a plant ο Franklinia Altamaha – brought to Philadelphia, it’s a lost tree ο John (king’s botanist) and William Bartram ο Named for Ben Franklin Who’s associated with the natural bridge? ο George Washington surveyed it ο Jefferson bought it and used it as his retreat area What’s on Jefferson’s tomb? (he designed it) ο Author of the American declaration ο Statues for religious freedom ο Father of the university of Virginia ο Did NOT have on his tomb, president, V-P of the US, member of the continental congress, etc Jefferson promoted surveying before development, having a plan for each situation and in the township and range survey system, township is 36 square miles, 36, 1 square mile sections, every one was numbered, right smack in the middle of the township, no matter how they are numbered, 16 shows up ο What was section 16 used for = school board
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ο Sections 8, 11, 26 and 29, which are on the inside row – these are set aside for future government needs ο Different system in LA, use French long lots system, so everyone can have riverfront Back to the HRSP, Thomas Cole painted a series of pictures – there were 5: course of empire – what were their names? ο The Savage State/Stage ο The Pastoral or Arcadian State ο The Consummation of Empire ο Destruction ο Desolation All paintings show a development from raw nature, to development, then back to nature Where was John Muir born ο Scotland, in Dunbar ο Went to school in university of Wisconsin ο At one point he was friends with Gifford Pinchot, they camped out on the rim of the grand canyon, pushing for creation of American forestry commission ο Then later on, they became enemies over the Hetch Hetchy dam project How many years did it take to lobby for the national wilderness act (1964) ο 2 years for Yellowstone
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LA Final Review - Final on Thursday May 10 at 7:30 in the...

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