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Midterm - Lecture portion - LA 1203 Midterm Review 1 Author...

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LA 1203 Midterm Review 1. Author and Title of readings 2. Reread introduction by David Harmon in 3. "These things I ponder…" - Aldo Leopold 4. "when the muskrat went under the bridge I moved so I could face downstream comfortably… he was 8 inches long in the body and 6 inches long in the tail…" - Annie Diller 5. "It is quite worthwhile to go down the canyon on mule back. ." - John Burrows 6. "the main duty with which the commissioner should be charged… hundreds to be treated differently…" - Frederic Law Olmsted 7. "cities call I have heard them but there is no call in the world as consistent to me as the Rockies. I shall return." - Mary Reinhart 8. "now we are engaged in a civil war testing whether that nation or any nation could endure…" - Abraham Lincoln 9. "This duty of preservation is the first of millions to be presented to congress…" - Frederic Law Olmsted 10. David Harmon called 2 people 1. John Burrows 1. John Muir 2. Old Yellowstone Days recalls what Yellowstone National Park was like in the early days o Author = Owen Wister Concord Hymn celebrates what date? o April 19, 1775 Concord Hymn o Author = Emerson Concord Hymn celebrates " all the above" What state are the Sand Hills located in? o Wisconsin What was the month of the Good Oak o February A Nation's Spark o Author = Who is given credid for the idea of a Nation's Spark o George Gatlin
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Midterm - Lecture portion - LA 1203 Midterm Review 1 Author...

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