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LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 1201 April 2011 All students are encouraged to browse the magazine racks in Middleton Library and to look over the various publications for Landscape Architecture. Note that there are foreign, as well as domestic, publications that are of value. Landscape Architecture Magazine is published monthly. REQUIRED READING SCHEDULE FOR LA 1201 September 9 “Landscape Planning,” Lauri M. An Introduction to Landscape Architecture, p. 85-99. 14 “The Importance of a Garden,” Womack, W. Garden Design, Spring 1983, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 88- 91, and “The Garden,”, from Paul Bowleds’ Collected Stories 1939-1976, p. 363-365.- 16 “Traditional Design Phases,” Roberts, J. The Building Site-Planning and Practice, p 5-9. 21 “Architectural Use of Plant Material,” Booth, N.K. Basic Elements of Landscape Architectural design, p. 71-83. 23 “Design Implementation,” Lynch, K. Site Planning, (First Edition), p. 122-130 28 “Functional Use of Land Forms” Booth. N.K. pp. 49-65 29 “A Park for the People,” Beaveridge, C.E.
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