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Erik Sander – EGN6640 Page 1 Entrepreneurship for Engineers GovWorks Failure Assignment The movie captures the real life saga of two childhood friends who start a technology company during the age of the internet boom, raise funds, build the company, start to introduce product to market, and flame out. The principals in the movie are not actors and the movie is not staged. One could argue that attitudes and reactions to fluid and stressful situations encountered by a technology start-up management team are almost certainly influenced by having a camera present, but this is as real life as it gets in terms of experiencing a start-up environment through cinema. As you’ll see in the movie (which is available in most libraries and many video stores), the company goes through a series of trials and tribulations before finally failing. While success teaches us much and feels pretty good, failure can also be a great instructor that sometimes teaches even more – especially if we take the time to understand the root causes of the failure. Your assignment is very simple – in three pages or less, explain why GovWorks failed.
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