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Erik Sander – EGN6640 Page 1 Entrepreneurship for Engineers Rebuilding GovWorks - Final Exam Assignment Your case study for the final examination is the movie In the course of this class, you were asked to submit an assignment that documented your thoughts and reasoning as to why Govworks failed. The final examination is to challenge you to rescue the company based on what you’ve already learned about the case and in this course. Assume that Govworks has proceeded to the point in the movie where the product has been tested and debugged all night by the technical team and the initial product was just released to the market. For this assignment, we’ll now diverge from the movie to the following scenario: After a week in the market, it’s clear that there are still a number of bugs in the product, but the company’s technical team is comfortable that they should be fixable with a month or so of full- time, dedicated work. Pulling the product out of the market at this point might hurt the
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