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Erik Sander – EGN6640 Page 1 Entrepreneurship for Engineers Value Proposition Presentation Assignment As with everything we do in this course, this assignment is designed to build on what we've already covered and take you to the next level in refining and defining your opportunity. Up to this point you have: Gotten some understanding of where entrepreneurial ideas come from and how entrepreneurs think about these ideas in terms of market need, competitors, etc. Taken your individual ideas through a basic feasibility analysis to see if it may be an entrepreneurial opportunity Started to define your individual opportunity in terms of who, what, why, etc. based on the Idea Overview Assignment format Assessed your ideas through your team (company) and further refined one company idea / opportunity that you will all stand behind through the Team Idea Overview assignment At the end of this course, you'll present your company opportunity through a business plan and presentation of your opportunity in class. The next step in getting to that point is to take the team
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