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Presenting Your Opportunity - Erik Sander: EGN6640 1 Key...

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1 1 Erik Sander: EGN6640 Key Questions Business Plan Components Who are you Management Team; Strategic Allies; Partners; Boards What are you doing Product / Service Offering; Core Technology Why can you do it better than anyone else Competitive Advantage; Distribution; Marketing Who cares, why do they care, and how much do they care Market; Market Needs Analysis; Revenue Model Erik Sander: EGN6640 2 What do you need to get it done Investment Sought, Partnership, Technology, Distrib. Needs; etc. How will you benefit Financial Plan, Revenue model and Streams, Profitability How can others benefit Investment/Partner Opportunity
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2 ± The “Executive Summary” of the opportunity ± 1st paragraph for the business plan summary; 1st slide for the presentation; Prepare it last ± Establishes audience/reader receptivity to your opportunity ± Wet the reader’s appetite Outline the economically substantial problem that you can uniquely solve and make money ± Summarize key technology, concept or strategy on which your business is based ± Start to sell upside while mitigating risk ± Show an investable and exitable business Erik Sander: EGN6640 3 ± Management, management, and management Experienced; Calculated risk takers;Visionaries; Solid presenters that know their materials; Can recruit needed talent ± Market and Competition–Large, sustainable, growing market niche; Large barriers to entry; Controllable competition ±
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Presenting Your Opportunity - Erik Sander: EGN6640 1 Key...

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