Shield Field Individual Idea Overview

Shield Field - Individual Idea Overview Who are you My name is XXXXX and I am a 3rd year graduate research student in the Chemical Engineering

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Individual Idea Overview Who are you? My name is XXXXX and I am a 3 rd year graduate research student in the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Florida. My entrepreneurship background includes coursework in Entrepreneurship for Engineers and skills acquired while working part-time at a start-up company for the past 8 years. The company focuses on remodeling and reselling of cars to various markets across the continent. I also have training and experience in a broad range of engineering fields outside of chemical engineering, including electrical and industrial engineering. At General Mills, I developed a computer-based system that utilized sensors to ensure product specifications were met. Internships at Merck provided me with the skills of developing and optimizing processes that will provide an exceptional product at lower costs. I have locked my keys in my car multiple times and found it to be stressful and time consuming. Realizing the frustration of others involved in the same experience, I decided to create a device that would eliminate this problem, the Anti-Lock system. My hands-on training and experience both as an entrepreneur and engineer, as well as my experience with locking my keys in my car, will provide me with the necessary skills required to provide my market with a unique and invaluable product. What are you planning? I would like to facilitate the lives of vehicle owners worldwide by providing a product that will prevent customers from accidentally locking their keys in their car. The small Anti-Lock device will have a remote sensor that detects when the doors of the vehicle are locked while the keys are still in the interior of the vehicle. Upon triggering of the sensor, the doors will be unlocked and a signal will be sent to an installed car alarm which will be set off. This instrument will likely be made of plastic and be designed so that it can be attached to the drivers’ key chain. This is a unique, easy-to-use product that does not exist elsewhere and can be utilized by all car consumers. Why can you do it better than anyone else? Currently there are no existing products like the one our company is proposing; therefore, no other company can provide customers with the peace of mind our device will give them. However, once consumers utilize this invaluable product and demand increases, other companies may try and enter this market. Although these companies may include large industries with large production capabilities, our company will continue to produce a differentiated product. We will supply the device in an assortment of styles and colors to attract a variety of consumers. We will develop contracts with various car manufacturers to be the exclusive distributors of the device with their logo. Also, the car alarm associated with the device can be offered in a variety of sounds or tunes. Since I
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Shield Field - Individual Idea Overview Who are you My name is XXXXX and I am a 3rd year graduate research student in the Chemical Engineering

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