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Shield Field Team Idea Overview - Team Idea Overview Team...

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Team Idea Overview Team Members: XXXX Who are you? We are a team of four engineers with nine years of collective graduate training across various engineering fields at the University of Florida. Our education has allowed us to approach everyday, common problems from a unique perspective. We have also been exposed to a breadth of workplace experience, from customer service positions to managerial duties in a wide range of industries. Previous projects as engineering interns, research assistants in laboratories, and hands-on entrepreneurship experience in start-up companies have enabled us to develop ideas from their inception and propose valuable solutions. What are you planning? A common nuisance most vehicle owners, including all of our group members, have experienced is locking one’s keys in the car. The event proves to be both stressful and time consuming. Realizing our collective experience and frustration, we have decided to create a device that would eliminate this common problem. The broad range of our educational and entrepreneurship background, as well as work and life experience, has provided us with the skills required to supply our market with this unique and invaluable product. Most new cars come equipped with factory-installed remote keyless entry. One of the downfalls of this system is that it requires you to remember to lock the doors upon exiting the vehicle. By accidentally forgetting to push a button, you leave your car susceptible to theft. To combat this, some after-market alarm systems have a feature that automatically locks your doors about 20 seconds after the vehicle’s doors are open and shut. However, most consumers shy away from this feature for fear of locking the owner’s keys in the car. Our proposed system will automatically lock your doors upon exiting the vehicle, while preventing you from locking your keys in your car. The technology we are proposing can be integrated into current models of remote keyless entry devices offered by car manufacturers. Our device will consist of two main components, a transmitter located in the remote keyless device and a receiver located within the vehicle. The transmitter will send out a unique and continuous signal from the keyless entry device that can only be sensed by a receiver that in the car. When the transmitter exceeds a set distance from the car, the sensor is no longer able to receive the signal from the device and the car doors lock. Hence, it is impossible to leave the area of the car without locking the doors. Other security features can be incorporated to this device. In addition to locking the doors, taking the transmitter away from the car can lock the steering wheel or engage a fuel cutoff. The novelty of our technology is the automatic nature of the security features, not requiring the user to remember to set the alarm and lock the doors like traditional keyless entry systems, but automatically engaging these features. Automatically locking the doors once the car is started is a security feature of
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Shield Field Team Idea Overview - Team Idea Overview Team...

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