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Unformatted text preview: Shield Field Car Safety Systems, LLC Team Members XXXX Background • According to the Tampa Police Department, over 21% of all car owners don’t lock their cars! • Approximately 50% of all stolen cars are unlocked at time of theft. • AAA responded to 4.3 million car lockouts in 2000 – about 15% of all AAA service calls. • Every 60 minutes, 491 people lock their keys in their car!! 1 Solution • • • • • ShieldField Technology Remote Transmitter Sensor Field Motion Detector Panic Alert Benefits • To Auto Manufacturers – Value added to car – Large profit potential – Customers expect this feature • To Consumer – Vehicle theft composes approximately 20% of insurance premiums – Reduce theft rate by 90% with regularly used device – Decrease cost of AAA coverage – Peace of mind 2 Why we can do it better • Who are we? • Nine years of engineering graduate education • Business experience: customer service, managerial duties • Industry experience: engineering interns, research assistants in laboratories • Entrepreneurship: hands-on experience in start-up companies • Provide you with competitive advantage 3 Bringing you the future of angling, one fish at a time … XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX : : : : CEO CFO COO CTO Sport Fishing Market Trends Sport • US Department of Fisheries and Wildlife statistics show that the number of anglers is growing faster than the population. • $41.5 billion were spent on fishing in 2001 alone. • Shimano has a need to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. • Trend: High performance tackle (specifically reels) making use of unique technologies. • High performance reels are currently being produced by Miya Epoch, STH Reels, and even Shimano. 1 New Reel Technology: ActivDrag • Design and implement a dynamically controlled drag system, ActivDrag. • ActivDrag monitors line tension and line speed. • Digital controller computes optimal drag setting. • DC motor drives existing drag mechanism. • Result: ActivDrag prevents line breakage and aids in setting the hook Bottom line: ActivDrag IMPROVES FISHING YIELD ActivDrag Integration 2 Business Proposition • Proposing a strategic exclusive partnership between Shimano and Hammerhead Reels • Primary advantages: Added value to the reels increases product mark-up markCompetitive advantage with new innovation • Minimal change to present Shimano infrastructure • Co-development ensures a smooth integration process and that CoShimano standards are met. • Options for licensure and manufacturing Hammerhead provides ActivDrag inserts to Shimano Licensed design from Hammerhead Reels 3 ...
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