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College of Journalism and Communications Department of Telecommunication Department Chair: Dr. Churchill Roberts 2088 Weimer Hall Tel: 392-0463 RTV4931: SENIOR SEMINAR Section 4347: MWF 2 nd Period Room G030 Weimer Hall Instructor: Michael Leslie, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Telecommunication Office: 3060 Weimer Hall Office Phone: 392-2904 Department Phone: 392-0463 Fax: (352) 392-3919 E-mail: Office Hours: MWF 9:30-11:30 a.m., or by appointment Purpose of Course : RTV 4931 is a senior level seminar, which invites you to think about social problems and ethical issues in communication. This is accomplished through reading, writing, lecture, discussion, viewing of videotapes related to our purpose, and group research and presentations on topics of interest. There will be a number of short quizzes to provide us both us with feedback on how well you are learning what I am teaching in the course. In this course, the emphasis is placed on developing your abilities in analytical and critical reading, speaking, writing, thinking, presentation and discussion .Your development of these skills is evaluated through oral presentations, class discussions, debates, writing and research, analysis of case studies and periodic quizzes. Course Requirements: You are required to get a Gatorlink or other email account , so that you can access the class listserv ( ) and the class website < >) for announcements and assignment information, and so that you can reach me and your other classmates or group project team members via email. You can get an account by visiting Gatorlink < > or going over to the CIRCA computing help desk on the fifth floor of the Computer Sciences and Engineering Building. Required reading: The assigned textbooks are Ethics in Media Communications: Cases and Controversies, 3 rd edition , Louis A. Day, 2000; Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues in Mass Media and Society , 6th edition, Alison Alexander and Jarice Hanson, 2001; and The Elements of Moral Philosophy ,
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3 rd edition, James Rachels. Additional material to help you succeed in this class is available at and . Other readings and information will be announced periodically and placed on reserve in the Neuharth Reading Room under Leslie, RTV4931 or on the RTV4931 web site. Other requirements include regular class attendance and participation, completion of reading assignments, case studies, oral presentations, quizzes, and assigned discussion papers. Since most of you are looking for jobs and will be writing resumes and cover letters, I also strongly recommend you peruse one of the following types of books on preparing your self for the job search: David H. Roper, Getting the Job You Want. ..NOW ! (Warner Books, New York, 1994); Edward J. Rodgers, Getting Hired
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College of Journalism and Communications - College of...

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