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DISCUSSION GUIDELINES Preparation . Everyone (not just the discussants) please read the assigned chapter in Taking Sides (including the introduction, both articles, and the challenge questions) before class and come to class prepared to discuss the topic. Students who are not members of the week's presentation team must come to class with at least one question or comment based on the YES reading and at least one based on the NO reading. These questions or comments should be typed; I will collect them after each class, and I will not accept them late. These written questions will contribute to your participation grade in the course, as will your attendance at presentations. The discussions will take the following format which due to time constraints will be followed strictly. Note that we want to give as many people as possible a chance to participate in each discussion. Opening comments The professor will introduce the discussants. Other than this brief introduction and concluding comments, my job is to keep the discussion on track and make sure that everyone has a equal chance to participate. I will try as much as possible to have you rather than me talk. I believe, and I hope you agree, that you can learn a lot from each other. In addition, one of the goals of these discussions is for you to gain practice in speaking in groups, and in the presentation and defense of ideas and arguments. Presentation of Arguments Each of the two sides of the discussion panel will present the arguments supporting their position. Each person should talk for a maximum of 3 minutes (but not longer, please). The Pro (yes) presenters will go first, then
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