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Individual Case Study Assignments

Individual Case Study Assignments - WebCT Group 1(Conflicts...

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Individual Case Study Assignments Select an individual case study from the EMC chapter assigned below to your group. Make sure each member of your group selects a different case from your assigned chapter. Do not do any of the cases presented in class or posted on the class website. Your individual case study should follow the S.A.D. model described in EMC, Chapter 3, and should be written up in that form. The maximum length is three pages: minimum length is two pages (double-spaced, typewritten, one inch margins, 12 pt type). Due: 8:30 a.m., Friday, November 19th, 2004. You must submit your assignment via
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Unformatted text preview: WebCT. Group 1: (Conflicts of Interest, EMC, Chapter 7) Group 2: (Economic Pressures and Social Responsibility, EMC, Chapter 8) Group 3: (The Media and Antisocial Behavior, EMC, Chapter 9) Group 4: (Morally Offensive Content: Freedom and Responsibility, EMC, Chapter 10) Group 5: (Media Practitioners and Social Justice, EMC Chapter 11) Group 6: (Truth and Honesty in Media Communications, EMC, Chapter 4) Group 7: (Media Content and Juveniles, EMC Chapter 13) Group 8: (The Media and Privacy, EMC Chapter 5) Group 9: (Confidentiality and the Public Interest, EMC, Chapter 6)...
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