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Professor - class 6.Did the group make good use of...

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Professor's Group Evaluation Form For each question, use a scale of 1 to 5, with 1= poor and 5 = excellent, to indicate your evaluation of the group's performance. Group #___________________________________ Subject ___________________________________ Score 1.Did the group appear to have done its homework? ________ 2.Was the entire group's participation evident? ________ 3.Was the group's presentation well organized and effective? ________ 4.Did the group provide empirical evidence to support its arguments? ________ 5.Did the group make its presentation interesting to the
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Unformatted text preview: class? ________ 6.Did the group make good use of supporting materials outside of the assigned readings? ________ 7.Did the group go well beyond the issue as presented in the text? ________ 8.Was the group perceptive to the weak points on the opposite side? ________ 9.Did the group appear to understand the key points on each side of the debate? ________ 10.Did the group anticipate well questions and/or opposing viewpoints? TOTAL ________ Divided by 5 = __________ Comments:...
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